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May 20th. I had the honor of photographing Max at school. A few things to share right off the bat: Max is adored by all (teachers, staff and students). And his teacher, Lisa, is amazingly wonderful. It was so fun to see Max in an environment, where he is just being him--learning, playing and having fun.

Look at them. Need I say more ;-)

It's the cutest thing. When Max concentrates, he sticks his tongue out. I couldn't help but take some shots of this.

Before lunch, Max had to go to the nurse for some medicine and he got to choose a buddy to go with him. It was precious to see all the kids that wanted to go.

The chosen buddy for the day. While Max isn't the biggest fan of my camera, he was so proud to pose with his buddy for the camera. Max and his buddy played this little 'crashing into the wall' game the entire way to the nurses office. Not unlike something that any other 1st grader would do, but what was different is that Max fell down about four times while doing it. I'm assuming b/c it (the game, the walk, whatever it was) just became too much for his little legs at times.

And then on the playground, Max decided to start this game, where he was the "shoe monster" and he was going to eat everyone's shoes. It didn't take long for everyone to follow suit and soon enough, everyone on the play structure was participating in the shoe monster eating game.

I just adore this shot, where even though you can't see the boy's face at the bottom of the slide, you can see the smile on his face, to Max.

An important photo. You may not think so at first glance, but you might also not know that Max has painful tumors on his femurs, his lung, his spine and his skull. He walks with a limp. And he runs with a limp. He does so well at running and keeping up with the other kids but the reality's probably very painful for him to do so. This photo captures that unique little run of his.

Max's okay, I'll give you one last shot shot. :-)

A shot I took in the classroom prior to leaving. Without a doubt, Max ALWAYS does his best. He's one amazing kid!


  1. Thank you. I can see a world of wisdom in the shot of Max on top of the slide. I'll be thinking of Max often and sending him some positive energy with all I do and I'll be doing it all at my best.

    Rock on Max, Smile often!!
    Rob A.K.A. Ablestroller

  2. Thanks for what you are doing for Max and his family, and for all kids w/Neuroblastoma. Folks don't know what the kids and families go through. I look forward to following Max's story in pictures as well as on his website. He is a handsome boy and you are a talented photographer.
    God Bless you as you embark on this journey. Love, Ellen~Sean's Mom resource for newly dx NB families

  3. Deb, I always love your photos and visit your regular photo blog regularly. I feel like I know Max from reading about him on your blog. Thanks for doing this new blog with his family- its a wonderful way to follow his story. Sending many prayers his way.


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