radiation day(s).

Max has had many recent days of radiation and I wanted to make sure that it was something that I captured. That meant shooting Max twice last week because Steve is out of town this week and there was no way that I could make a 7 AM radiation appointment without him being here. So I arrived at Rady Children's Hospital at 6:45 AM, Friday, May 16th to shoot Max during a radiation appointment.

I have to say, I'm always on the verge of crying when I'm photographing Max and often, I'm full up crying either on the way there or on the way home...sometimes both. I try so hard to put on my game face...my face of strength. Some days I do a better job at it than other.

This shot cracks me up b/c Max was just talking, talking...just another day for him and as pleasant and wonderful as can be. This is when the nurse anesthetist and anesthesiologist were getting his port ready for the sedation medicine.

Okay, I think I"m ready. That's what Max said when he was feeling the medicine and ready to be laid down.

This is Max, sedated and ready for radiation to his skull. They let me come in for one quick photo.

After radiation, which isn't long at all, Max comes to the (recovery) room to wake up. He laid there for a bit and the nurses thought he was probably already awake and just listening to everything we were saying. I guess we'll never really know. Once awake, it was time to eat. Time to eat the food that Mom packed for him...and time to eat the food (nutrients) that gets pushed right into his belly (via the g-tube aka his button).