May 16th. I was to photograph Max getting transfused with platelets and possibly red blood cells. It ended up that he received both but I wasn't able to photograph either because I couldn't stay long enough. However, I was able to capture some other moments of Max and Melissa.

I think this image is important because many don't realize how much time is actually spent by Max (and his family) in the hospital. Hours and hours. And sometimes days.

Here, Max was showing his transfusion nurse where his current pain level is at, by pointing to one of the faces on the pain chart.

Melissa wanted to speak to the MD about Max's continued pain. We went to another room, where we had to wait a bit. Max was sad that he didn't have his drawing materials and that the MD was taking so long. He also got a bit frustrated with his Star Wars guy (he wouldn't stand). A little breakdown resulted.

Here, Meliss was snuggling with Max, telling him it's okay to be sad. And it's okay to cry. Shortly after this, the MD arrived.

And here's another one of Max's (your photographing time is done and I'll give you one last look) looks. The last shot of the day ;-)


  1. Deb,
    Thank you so much for bringing to life the essence of Max and all he has to go through each day. Thank you for showing the "whole picture". The range of emotion your pictures bring up move from joy to sadness with a smile and tear in between. My little sister and her family have made the best of this journey through Max's cancer--instead of lying in a heap on the floor they get up everyday and do what has to be done and then they walk the extra mile. My prayer is that your pictures will bring attention to the battle these families fight so hard very hard to win with so little help. May God bless you richly for what you are doing!!!


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