cancer camp

Yesterday, I arrived at Reach for the Stars cancer camp. I arrived to see a group of kids petting an armadillo. I was looking...looking all around, but no Max. Finally someone came and asked if they could help me.
Hi, I'm looking for Max.
Oh, you're the one that photographs him.
He's in the med shed.
I'll take you there.

She took me to the med shed and this is what I first saw...Max laying on a cot. The nurse told me that Max wasn't feeling well and was bored. I think it was more not feeling well than bored, but that's what Max said.

Then the nurse asked the Director, if she would get Max an airplane to make. It's amazing how much this boy loves WWII stuff. He lit up when the got the plane to make.

It was also time to eat (via his g-tube). Max knows the drill and hooks himself up. And the nurse told me that she was going to give Max some medicine to help him feel a bit better.

Then it was all about making his planes. Max's first plane, a Japanese one. The second was the American. Max so concentrates on the details of his planes. There was a couple times when I asked him if he was okay, to find out that he was just thinking about what he was going to draw. He gets every detail down.

And as usual, I told Max I was going and asked him for one last shot. And as cute as could be, he was all about it...and all smiles. He melts my heart!

But then Max started playing with his planes and I snapped a few more. He saw me but didn't seem to mind.

And the view...
as I was leaving the med shed.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your photo essay of our Mighty Max. It is a gift for all of us.

  2. Deb

    You have become part of Max's world now. Thanks for letting us become a bigger part of his.

    Max is my Hero!!!!!!!


  3. what beautiful photos, i love the 2nd last one and the shots with the planes - to beautiful, you really share max with us through your photos, thank you
    God Bless
    Samm mom to Deqlan

  4. I love Max and his planes, and i love how you capture him, Deb. Trielly a gift.


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