...didn't quite happen, as far as shooting Max goes. Max ended up having to go to the hospital this morning because he woke up with a fat and bleeding lip. He also ended up getting blood and platelet transfusions. I'm happy to say that Max and his lip are doing fine (per Melis).


I didn't call Melis before heading to their house to shoot Max today and when I arrived, Andy's Dad answered the door (Max and Melis were at the hospital). I...wearing my braids, sunglasses and cowboy hat, walked in and started yip-yapping. He...stared at me, wondering who the hell just walked in the door, with a little boy (my son) in tow. It wasn't until I took off my sunglasses that he recognized who I was and we just laughed.

Called Melis on my way back home and we're working on setting up another day to shoot later this week. Melis and Max ended up meeting with the Hospice Nurse and Doctor at the hospital, so I will be photographing something else.

Just thought I'd update so those who read the post yesterday weren't wondering where the post and photos were today.


  1. Thanks, Deb, for the update! I jumped to the computer this morning to see the planned photos so your message was very much appreciated! lisa

  2. Deb, your photos are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for giving us all a peek into Max's world. Any luck finding distribution for the angel cloud photo?
    Smiles....Debbie Weitz (Max's teacher from kindergarten)


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